Where in the Fraser Valley are AirBNB's Allowed?

By: Brad Richert

Where in the Fraser Valley are AirBNB's Allowed?

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Short term rentals have been big business for quite some time now with companies like AirBnB, founded in 2008, generating billions in revenue, albeit experiencing their own massive losses. But internet-based sites focused on short term rentals have been around for a lot longer than the giant now synonymous with short term rentals. VRBO was founded back in 1995 and acquired by HomeAway in 2006 and is still among one of the most popular websites/apps for operators.


However, with the increased popularization of AirBnB and similar services, many landlords turned their investment properties from long term rentals to short term rentals, helping them realize more profit. In many cities already experiencing a shortage in rental stock, this led to further affordability issues, leading many municipalities to restrict, regulate or even ban short term rentals altogether.


If you are a real estate investor or homeowner interested in turning your property into a short term rental, you need to understand the bylaws of your local community. For your convenience, I’ve made a list of the communities of the Fraser Valley and their respective short term rental bylaws. I’ve done my best to keep this page updated, so I’ve dated each bylaw, but I cannot guarantee the most up to date changes - please perform your own due diligence if you are making a financial investment or planning to be a host. If you hear of an updated bylaw, please let me know at richertrealestate@gmail.com



No specific bylaw found (09/24/2021)



No current bylaw, but draft proposal is currently undergoing review as of October 2020 that would “allow the rentals where the operator lives in the principal residence, implementing a $150 annual fee per room and other requirements.”



A Zoning Bylaw in 2020 prohibited short-term rentals, except for licensed Bed and Breakfasts. However, Chilliwack is currently reviewing (May 2021) the bylaw and is expected to adopt the following recommendation: that short-term rentals take place on the same property where the owner lives, either by renting out a spare room or another unit on the same property.


Cultus Lake

“A Short-term Rental is the rental dwelling unit or bedroom for periods of less than one month. Operators must have a valid permit, payable annually with a renewal of the permit, and follow rules and regulations to legally rent residences on a short-term basis.”



“New bylaws allowing short term rentals in the District are now in effect, and all short term rental operators must have a valid business licence. Under the new regulations, a home owner or principal resident may rent their principal residence for 28 days or less, subject to permitted zoning and conditions. Properties that are not occupied as a principal residence will only be considered for short term rental use on lots that are 1 acre or larger, and the property must be rezoned as a Short Term Rental Companion Zone.” 


Langley (City)

City of Langley' 2019 bylaws on short term rental or Airbnb is that it must be zoned commercial for anything less that 30 days stay. over and above 30 days is not considered short term rentals and is legally allowed in the bylaws. Homeowners caught listing units without a licence can be fined.


Langley (Township)

No specific bylaws found (09/24/2021)


Maple Ridge

“Maple Ridge Many municipalities, including Maple Ridge, regulate various types of short-term accommodations within their jurisdictions through zoning and business licensing. The current Maple Ridge Zoning Bylaw No. 3510-1985 and the anticipated new Zoning Bylaw No. 7600-2019 each permit and regulate some short-term rental accommodations, such as Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, and Boarding. 


Recommendation: That staff be directed to proceed with option 1, implementing specific options for short-term rentals, outlined in the November 3, 2020 report titled "Short-Term Rental Options", and prepare a regulatory and enforcement framework for short-term rentals in Maple Ridge.” (November 2020 Workshop) 



No specific bylaws found (09/24/2021)



Jaspreet Rehal, the manager of public safety operations for the city, said when it comes to STRs, only bed and breakfasts are allowed. Bed and breakfasts must be in an area zoned for commercial use, have a business license for bed and breakfasts and be operated by the owner.

“It’s restricted to no more than 30 days in a 12-month period,” Rehal said. “We do not permit the kind of short-term Airbnb rentals.” (2018)

White Rock

Updated bylaw in 2019: short-term rentals must be operated in a registered secondary suite, be operated by an owner who resides at the property, be limited to two sleeping units and host no more than four adult guests at any given time; and the home must follow a number of fire-protection and Building Code standards.


*Brad Richert Personal Real Estate Corporation and Royal Lepage Wolstencroft Realty do not guarantee the accuracy of these statements. Buyers and Homeowners should conduct their own due diligence. If you would like a comprehensive due diligence, please contact us at 778-240-4239 or richertrealestate@gmail.com.